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1. Airports
    2. Bus Stops
      3. Districts
        4. Heritage Sites
          5. Lakes
            6. Mountains
              7. Protected Areas
                8. Villages/Municipalities
                  Release Roadmap
                  Release candidate 1
                  1. Themes browse
                  2. Map print
                  3. Graticule control on/off
                  4. Projected measure Area and Length (surface length and area 3d system will do)
                  Release candidate 2
                  1. Heritage themes
                  2. Label Feature information -- in continue
                    • Mountains
                    • Airports
                  Release candidate 3
                  1. Localized labels and feature information
                  2. Themes filter level wise country admin level
                  3. Mobile Browser compatibility layout and architecture
                  Release candidate 4 (final)
                  1. Procedure to submit point data by visitor
                  2. Overlay other WMS service layer
                  Release candidate 4 is the last planned process after that we are going to increase extent and information on the map.

                  The current project is termed as SAARC Mapping - Nepal extent