This project is obselete now as we are moving towards, Nepal Mapping (RC1 and RC2) then you will be able to download this software with datas with nepal related only and anything beyond nepal will be blank and with
whole Nepal no satellite imagery will be available.

The application is 3d flyer navigation around kathmandu digital datasets: digital elevation model, high resolution satellite imagery, road network , business and histroric database, thematic geo spatial data and other useful information.

  • 3D Kathmandu Explorer
  • Current Features
  • What's next
  • What keeping us busy
  1. High resolution satellite imageries
  2. Digital elevation model
  3. Location pointers
  4. Line and path distance measurements (projected as well as surface)
  5. Vertical/Height difference measurements
  6. Elevation profile
  7. Line of sight and fresnel zones
  8. 3D object placement support (currently 3ds, directx and obj format only)
  9. Flyer Navigation
  10. Compass
  11. Save Screenshot
  1. Little higher resolution satellite imageries
  2. Arbitary vector data loading and overlay
  3. Classified road network definition
  4. More location pointers
  1. Arbitary vector data load
  2. Road network definition
  3. Vehicle distribution on road network
  4. Classified business location pointers
  5. KML/GML load
  6. Procedure to replace DEM
  7. Procedure to replace Imageries
  8. 3DS and DIRECTX model support
  9. Lighting and shadow of 3D objects
  10. Textual information
  11. Globe Simulation - Maybe separate project with focus on internet and geodatabase technologies. We have decided it to be separate project.